How To Build NewLib

Newlib is a C library intended for use on embedded systems or real time environment system development. It is a mixture of various libraries all under free software license that make them easy to use on embedded systems.
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Why we need Newlib?? We need to port codes from third party sources like freeBSD or NetBSD. Once the code is reviewed and patch is accepted in Newlib then we have to apply the patch in RSB(RTEMS source builder).
RTEMS Environment Setup

First of all you have to see RTEMS open Projects. Then you have to build RTEMS tools and kernels for your project. The tools which I am building is used to create executables which can run on your desired target machine. Prequisites:- First you have to make sure that you are having python 2.7 development version on your PC. Otherwise it will show errors. Step 1 :- $ sudo apt-get install build essentials